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scary oceanography science - 48241921

Bobbit Worms Are Horrifying

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The Ocean Has Black Holes

black holes wtf oceanography science - 7817680896
By Unknown

A Neat Looking Squid Embryo

oceanography squid science - 7541031168
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Scientists Get Super Excited About This Sperm Whale

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The Goblin Shark Terrifies Me

Terrifying oceanography animal - 6978239744
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The Giant Oarfish!

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Meet the Underwater Exo-Suit!

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By Unknown
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Life in the Mariana's Trench

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Dude, Your Radula Is Showing

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Via Astronomy to Zoology

Pufferfish Make Underwater Crop Circles

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The Black Sea Devil Anglerfish Is Horrifying

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Filter Feeding Sea Sponges

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Mantis Shrimp in Slow Motion

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Dive Bombing Birds

oceanography birds science funny - 7688638720
By Unknown

The Giant Sea Cucumber Eats With its Butt

butt oceanography science food - 7148273920
Via National Geographic
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A Mysterious Glow in the Pacific Ocean

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