School of Fail


Just a Little Reminder to Yourself

it's your not you're and there not their
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Trolling Math Teachers

this kid hates math tests
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Now That's a Low Note

note sound science funny space - 8281952768
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I Sometimes Feel Like That Too...

class note test math funny - 7489296384
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Kids Pass the Weirdest Notes

wtf note funny dating - 8286550784
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This Fifth-Grader's Rules For Her Crush Might Be the Perfect Thing For Anyone Dealing With an Elementary-Level Crush

funny dating tweet fifth grader's rules for her crush are 100 accurate for all of us with unwanted crushes
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Just a Friendly Reminder

hate funny school note - 7890708480
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A Handy Note

studying note funny g rated School of FAIL - 8102387712
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This 5th Grader Has Thought a Lot About Love

fifth grader gives lengthy response to a love note
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Awful College Roommate

Blood note college School of FAIL - 6964847360
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Students Can Be So Cruel

blocks kids funny students note - 8354119680
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And Almost Everyone Agrees

textbooks wtf note math funny - 7686091008
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Great Student, This Is

g rated note School of FAIL star wars the force Valentines day - 5845177856
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