School of Fail

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My Little Brother's School Project

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By chuffberry

Six Inches... SUUUUURE

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By Unknown

Your Daughter Isn't a Very Good Artist

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By Unknown

That's Not Why He Took it to Bed

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Via Mcushi2

First Penile Transplant a Success

can you say peen in the news?
Via hiredgoon

Astronauts Are Vain

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Via Santyga
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Snakes Have Two Wangs?!

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Nice... Pears...?

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By Unknown

The Marching Band Has Some Organized Pranks

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Driving School Is Weird

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Middle School on Mars

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By Unknown

That's a Sexy Cannon

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By lizsnape

The Girls at Rowan University Are Awesome

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By Unknown

There's an Uncircumcised Line?

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By JessieBeth

Lab Grown Wangs Ready for Human Testing

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Via IFL Science

Someone Didn't Know the Answers

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By Unknown