School of Fail


The second mouse is smart, and will always get the cheese. It's not always the early bird who gets the worm, so no more Mr. mice guy.

Well, That's Horrifying

size funny mouse - 8209204736
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Knit Dissections

an adorable rat and frog to dissect
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Philosophical Conundrums

experiment philosophy simulation mouse - 7004308480

An Adorable Mouse Knits DNA

statue science DNA funny mouse - 8035776000
By Unknown

Come On, My OCD is On Overdrive

idiots ocd Video mouse - 6631607552
By Unknown

Some Experiments Are Just Cruel

funny mouse oxygen plants - 8247824384
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His Hearing Is Crazy

ears hearing funny Rage Comics mouse - 8105068800
By Unknown

Genetically Modified Rebels

ear rebels Genetics mouse - 7161132544
By dolf1nluvr