School of Fail


medicine awesome eyes science Video bionic g rated School of FAIL - 68936961

A Patient's First Impressions of Using a Bionic Eye

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Uh Oh

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Created by pokemonguardianandbrony

Wait? So, Guns Are Used in Medicine?

medicine xkcd cancer science funny - 7510227968
medicine awesome prosthetic science Video - 67342849

Les Baugh Is the First Person to Receive and Use Two Brain Controlled Prosthetic Limbs

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health medicine science water - 64583681

The Drinkable Book

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cells medicine funny virus - 60344321

A Cell Vs a Virus

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Give the Teacher a Taste of His Own Medicine

medicine quiz teacher funny - 8342135296
Via Krazykev300
medicine science Video - 69958401

Could Analyzing Someone's Keystrokes Detect Parkinson's?

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Share Some Genes

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Created by Unknown
medicine california science funny Video - 62028801

Whooping Cough Is Reaching High Levels in California, Thanks Jenny McCarthy

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heart medicine 3D printing science Video - 68082945

3D Printed Heart Saves a 4 Year Old Girl

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medicine science Video - 69863425

What Happens During an Allergy Attack

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What Is Schizophrenia?

medicine brain science graphs psychology - 7841513216
Created by Unknown

Bypassing the Spinal Cord.

awesome medicine science - 8234172416
Via Neuroscience News

Ectogenesis Is it Evil?

medicine philosophy birth science - 8281965824
Via Motherboard

Hooray for Medical Science!

medicine virus science vaccine - 7726550528
Created by Unknown
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