School of Fail


Catching Some Waves

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Forget the Hard Sciences, Have Some Hard Plastic Instead!

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The Dinosaurs WERE Learning

art learning math dinosaurs - 7061395200
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Pretty Much the Best Response

quiz science math funny g rated School of FAIL - 7456107520
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Nazi Inflitration of Mathematics

math nazis textbooks - 6577908992
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Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

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How Often Does This Opportunity Occur?

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Worth Eighteen Years of Pain

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Mathematical Snap!

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Where'd I Put That Calculator?

calculator math riddles solve - 6545529344
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Bill Gates Shouldn't Teach Math

Bill Gates math funny School of FAIL - 8353552640
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Someone Doesn't Like Math

Sad drawing math - 7497921792
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The TI-84 Dalek

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Nerdy Noms: I'm Not Sure Which Birthday This Is, But It Looks Delicious

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That Last One's Kinda Important

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It's Worse than Elvish, It's Algebra

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