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Shhhh! You're in a library. A sacred hall of knowledge. We know you read everything online, but there is such a thing as a quiet place to read and seek out knowledge that doesn't require noise-cancelling headphones and a long battery life. So put down your smartphone, tablet, or computer and pick up a paperback. It won't bite, we think.

It's In The Romance Aisle

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Don't Let Batman Catch You With Late Fees

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The Library is Not the Place to Get Your Pr0n On

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Maybe It's a Mid-Study Snack?

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Can You Read The Learn To Read Sign?

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50 Shades of F You

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What Happened?!

library cookies sign What Happened?!
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Who Says Libraries Aren't Fun?

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Must Be Finals Week

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Get Your Lawn Out of My Library

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The Day a 5th Grader Checked Dead Kennedys From the Library

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U Jelly, Nerds?

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Wait, What? You Jerks!

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Apparently She's Going to Study for a While

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Hip Hop to the Library

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I Want to Go to There

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