School of Fail


The Weird Thing Is it Did!

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Some Kids Go to Lecture Hall Totally Baked

costume lecture funny college - 8413463040
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Did He Died?

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A Full Lecture From Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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But...I Thought...

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Doodle Powers Activate!

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Make Every Lecture Feel More Epic

college funny school star wars
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Is Anyone Working?

it's time to internet!
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Hey, Can I Get Notes?

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Who Needs Subtlety When You're Sleeping During Lecture

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Guest Lecturer Days Are The Best

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The New Girl Is SO Cute

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Reagan Taught at Your School?

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You Know What's a Good Lecture Snack? A Block of Cheese!

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He's Just Being Miley

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Apple Computers Are So Mainstream

apple Hall of Fame hipster laptop lecture mac - 5738541312
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