School of Fail


Sounds Like an Excellent Lab

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Now That's Some Insane Advice

awesome lab advice Nikola Tesla lightning - 7004613120
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How Does Me a Lab Learn Lab Safety?

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This Is Terrible Lab Safety

Cats funny safety lab science - 8336951552
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The Best Partners Ever

they go together like pb&J
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Every Lab Needs a Lab

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Can My Bedroom Be a Lab?

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Those Science Labs

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Aren't You Glad You're Not a Grad Student?

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Damn Those Sinks

lab sink science idiots funny - 8368723200
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Sounds Like one Heck of a Lab!

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Just Assume Everything Will Go Wrong And You'll Be Fine

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When Your School Is Serious About Safety Goggles

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Hey a Milestone's a Milestone

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wtf lab science meat - 47474177

Meat From the Lab

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