School of Fail


Those Damn Kids

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Dream Big, Kid

kids school parenting tacos - 8140738048
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nazis usa kids - 6994178048
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Hurry, You Only Have Three Months!

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When You Get Kids to Stand For a Nice Picture

kid pulls down pants in group photo
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Serious Dangers of Gaming

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This Is Why You Shouldn't Cheat

kids math funny - 7497779200
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Surprisingly Some Kids Are Actually Nice

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Captain, I Would Like to Request New Seating Arrangements

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Children Learn the Strangest Things

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Jathan Muhar Knows Just Who He Wants to Be When He's Grown Up

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Some Kids Really Don't Understand History or Government

slavery wtf kids idiots funny - 8382449664
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Down With the Science Fair

kids funny parents g rated parenting - 8070574336
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The M

kids menu worksheet exposed
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This Man Is a Monster

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Nailed It

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