School of Fail


Sorry Graduate Students

graduate school is a land of depression
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Advice for the Future


You're an Adult, Harry

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Kids Want to Do the Strangest Things

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Aim for the Stars Kid

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Finishing College is for Unemployed People

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Competing With Your Own Student for a Job

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Me Too, Buddy

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Jobs You Can No Longer Have When You're Done With School

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Listen to this Hilarious Cautionary Tale of a Craigslist Job Scam

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This College Student Took His Dorm Hall Chef Flying, Because It Was On His Bucket List

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Teachers' Exchange.

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Some Weird Jobs You Could Get Post College

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John Oliver Reminds Us All That Public Defenders are Grossly Underpaid and Overworked

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Like Coffee? Then Major in a Field That Drinks a Lot of It!

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I'm Loving It

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