Jesus is a figure in ancient history that is the focal point of one of the largest religions in the world. So it's natural tat any number of jokes and memes come out of a being so famous and well-known. From RaptorJesus to classic memes, there's something for everyone for the father of Christianity.


21 Funniest Memes of the Day

These memes have been carefully screened by the overlords and found to be up to scratch to give to you connoisseurs of the internet. 

A wise man once told me, You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice. I never saw him again. Laugh your butt off even more with some of these fantastic memes or these funny memes, that will break through any level of boredom. (Though your level of procrastination will significantly rise) 

Need to stay up to date on what the latest trends are on Instagram? Well this list of Instagram memes will not help you with that but it will definitely show you the more ridiculous side of the app.

Very funny memes from instagram about pizza, dogs, religion, money, dating, animals, tigers, relationships, competition, games, the weekend, school, university, poop.
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