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Einstein Saves the Day!

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Scumbag Newton Needed Something to Do

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Damn You Newton!

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Happy Independence Day with Newtonian Physics!

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Scientists Love Pranks

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Cardinal Pls.

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That Damned Apple

isaac newton Gravity apple funny - 7957231104

The Science Hair

hair isaac newton Gravity science funny g rated School of FAIL - 7776323328

Your Muscles Look Plump and Juicy

physics isaac newton science g rated School of FAIL - 7014295552

Physics Is Why You Can't Get Out of Bed

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Ladies and Gentleman, Newton's 3rd Law of Motion

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Can it, Newton.

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Isaac Newton Was a REBEL

isaac newton cyanide and happiness comics science funny - 8063115776

Ha! Take That Pascal!

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No, They're Heavy

do you even lift isaac newton funny - 7735812096

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