Roommate Refuses To Pay Rent, Gets Schooled In Court

Man, nothing is worse than realizing you've ended up sharing a roof with a completely terrible roommate. In this case, we've got a horribly smug roommate who simply refused to pay their rent. Well, they clearly didn't anticipate the fallout that'd eventually ensue back in court. Hopefully they learned their lesson, and won't go and try to pull this ridiculous stunt again. 

Check out some more juicy roommate drama with this guy who outwitted his roommate by using the Pavlovian method.

A smug roommate refuses to pay their rent, so they get defeated in court | r/ProRevenge u/Drumhedd 173d Join 1 won't pay rent? Good luck finding new apartment. So this happened about 10 years ago big city on West Coast Hopefully this counts as pro revenge had just finished grad school and looking way cut down on rent an already expensive rental market. Now, mind young, desperate, and inexperienced with roommates at time and this huge life lesson and hopefully my roommate too.
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