School of Fail

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She's Gonna Give You A Fat Lip, Dude

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Go Back to Grammar School

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Ain't What It Used To Be

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School Newspapers Have in Depth Interviews

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funny senior quotes

Another 50 Senior Quotes That Made the Grade

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The High School Food Chain

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A Young Bill Nye

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Some Kids Just Can't Help Themselves

stop making out in the hallway.
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One Angry Customer

this kid liked nothing about school
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Stuck at Prom With Duct Tape

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The Best Essay Ever Written, Ever

an essay explaining how to write an essay
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There's a Hidden Message in This Graduation Quote

the yearbook staff needs to get on their game
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I'd Say He Remembers

High school hockey players have all the luck
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Wait Till He Gets to College

school quote riding a bike through hell
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Being a High School Referee Means Never Apologizing (Even After You Closeline a Kid)

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