School of Fail

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Apparently I Never Moved Past Grade School

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The Underclassmen Are Doomed

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103 Year-Old Woman Fulfills Her Dream of Getting a High School Diploma

This lady knows how to get stuff done!

My Exact High School Experience

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One Amazing Senior Photo

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Boy Accused of Farting Gets Beaten by Girl With a Stool at Staten Island High

high school boy farts, girl beats him up
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It's a Breeze. A Hot, Horrible Breeze With Bits of Sulfur

image high school quote It's a Breeze. A Hot, Horrible Breeze With Bits of Sulfur
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What a Horrible Thing to Say

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There's a Hidden Message in This Graduation Quote

the yearbook staff needs to get on their game
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A Clever Mascot for a Deaf School

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They Were Saving it for Posterity

were they learning about milling grains?
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More Like Fort Worthless

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They're Not So Wise When You're Older

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America's High Schoolers: Almost Too Dumb To Function

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11 of the Most Clever and Bizarre Yearbook Quotes

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Wait, I Thought I Knew This Stuff!

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