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The World According to Sun Media

africa barack obama China egypt geography map - 6217494016
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Geography 390: Europe, Home of the Best Swimming Pool Ever

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What, Are You Going to Be a Professional Map Reader?

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There Be STDs

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The Crystal Caves

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Lake Hiller Looks Like Pepto Bismol

geography science lake - 7116959488
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India Doesn't Count

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Google Gives Terrible Quizzes

wtf quiz geography funny google - 8365487360
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Anger Trumps Geography

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He's in the Wrong Class

anatomy old timey geography funny school g rated - 7515246848
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Need A Map Of Europe? Why Not Zoidberg?

futurama geography map Zoidberg - 5813036800
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How The Western World Was Won

dragon europe geography map - 5783242496
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Who Owns the North Pole

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Annnnd There Goes My Faith in the Generation of Tomorrow

geography Rage Comics what - 6181790976
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FAIL geography politics united states Video - 78697729

The Hardest Part About US Geography is Apparently State Abbreviations

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Close Enough

africa FAIL asia geography - 6758341632
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