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Turkey, No one Wants the Damn Things

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Just Standing Around Hovering

funny Fun Fact science - 8236623360
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Fun Fact toys mental floss Video - 63192065

The History of Toys!

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Fun Fact science biology Video - 67163905

Why Do Your Teeth Chatter?

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The Brain Is SOOOO SLOW!

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If That's Not The Craziest Thing Ever...

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history Fun Fact Video - 64798977

Where Does the Dollar Sign Come From?

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Why Does Toothpaste Make Things Taste Bad?

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Apparently the Human Genome Is Huge

the human genome is very long
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Sharks Are Amazing

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The Forgotten Jerks of History

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And You Can Take That Fact to the Bank

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So That's Why They Shine

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All of Those Science Fiction Movies Were Wrong

Fun Fact ants science funny - 8130111232
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abraham lincoln history Fun Fact Video - 70333185

Learn About Ol' Honest Abe Lincoln

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Earthworms Are Weird

Fun Fact science biology funny - 8381619712
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