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The Pain And Drama Of Middle School Facebook Conversations

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Fashion Designers Are Getting Wise to Dress Code Rules

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And Baby Boomers Wonder Why Less and Less Millennials are on Facebook

funny social media image millennial breaks down why baby boomer is wrong about generation wanting free education
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But Never Poems

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Read How a Third-Grader Thinks Nexflix and Chill Will Dissuade People From Voting For Donald Trump

funny political image third grader uses netflix and chill to dissuade electing Donald Trump
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Pissed In Detention

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If They Haven't Started Yet, They Never Will

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I Ain't No Charity Case

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Raising Awareness of the Day: Mom's School Photo Raises Awareness of Childhood Cancer

trending news facebook school photo raises cancer awareness
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I Just Check Statuses All Day

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Ingeniering It's a Syence

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Spring Break Is Tough on Teachers

procrastination papers teachers facebook funny grading - 7575108864
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Clever, Clever

clever teacher facebook morning funny - 7481002752
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A Crime Against Science

essay facebook FAIL Hall of Fame paper research - 5710313216
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The Evolution of Face Punching

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