Welcome to hell! Here it is people, FINALS WEEK, your head is on the chopping block and the executioner is sharpening his axe.
Or, OR... you're the 1%, you're fine. You are filled with nothing but knowledge and swagger as you walk to each class.
But lets face it. If you're reading this, that's probably not you. You're sweating, filled with panic and coffee, and spouting more swears than a sailor on your way to class.
So, lets take a look at how it will all go down.

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Sleep deprivation is a significant hidden factor in lowering the achievement of school pupils, according to researchers carrying out international education tests.

It is a particular problem in more affluent countries, with sleep experts linking it to the use of mobile phones and computers in bedrooms late at night.

Sleep deprivation is such a serious disruption that lessons have to be pitched at a lower level to accommodate sleep-starved learners, the study found.