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Resistance is Futile

resistance is futile electricity science - 6676890368
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Edison Made Fleshlights Possible For Everyone!

electricity typos - 6274629632
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Engineers Love Puns

it was a heavy load
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TED-Ed: The History of Electricity

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Alternating Currents Tend to Do That

baby electricity tesla - 6415607552
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Electricity Vs Wood

electricity science g rated School of FAIL - 7113884672
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Electrocute All the Pickles!

electricity science funny - 7736969728
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Get It?

test humor electricity get it - 6875043072
By Cloe

Electric Powered Plane Crushing Some World Records

planes technology electricity funny - 8266310144
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British engineering electricity funny g rated - 62389761

The British Plug: a Feat of Electrical Engineering

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Green News of the Day: Solar Could Be More Viable Than Coal by 2018

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electricity science train funny Video g rated School of FAIL - 66674689

A Simple Electric Train

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Making Electricity from Tall Buildings & Bathwater

electricity funny water - 8083634688
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scishow electricity science funny - 61668353

How Do Electric Animals Work?

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A Real Mystery

electricity funny idiots textbook - 8247002112
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One Rockin' Science Class

hair class physics electricity science funny - 7541347584
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