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What a Considerate Evil Dark Wizard Hellbent on World Domination!

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Not Sure That's What John Dewey Was Talking About

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Fine American Education!

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By Kathy
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Get Smart! 5 TedEd Videos About Your Anatomy

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The Education System at its Finest

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Work on Them Biceps

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Seems Like a Good Reason

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Studying Has Never Been More Exciting!

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TED-Ed: The Story Behind Your Glasses

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The Internet Vs Academia

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The Importance of Art

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Very... Educational

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I'm Not Sure That's How Kids Are Made

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And Baby Boomers Wonder Why Less and Less Millennials are on Facebook

funny social media image millennial breaks down why baby boomer is wrong about generation wanting free education
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Just How Do You Read Science News?

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A Twitter thread about a guy's classmate teaching him lesson in selflessness | Thomas McFall @thomas_mcfall Hey guys knowl usually just post shitty jokes on my Twitter but bear with because wanted share something

Guy's Classmate Teaches Him Lesson In Selflessness

Too sweet.
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