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A school resource deputy was asked to assist the principal. The deputy said he could tell Jardine was extremely intoxicated.

Initially, Jardine denied drinking any alcohol but later admitted she drank on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning before school and during lunch in her classroom.

Jardine blew a .205 breath alcohol concentration, according to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office. She told the deputy that she took a taxi cab to school because she was afraid that she was too drunk to drive.

5 Crazy College Traditions

College is a place where you are supposed to go learn. But, really it is a place where you go do a lot of stuff naked and drink a bunch. Universities truly are a place for higher learning.

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With some help from a robotic fish, scientists have discovered that zebrafish are much like humans in at least one way – they get reckless when they get drunk. OK, "drunk" might not be technically accurate, but when exposed to alcohol, the fish show no fear of a robotic version of one of their natural predators, the Indian leaf fish. When they're "sober," they avoid the thing like crazy.
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This kid deserves all the bad things life can give him.

He also needs to learn how to handle his liquor and/or his lack of macaroni and cheese.

Luke Gatti, AKA All That's Wrong with the World, was refused service for being a drunken, 19-year-old a**hat Oct. 5. But he didn't walk away there. Terrible people like him never do.

He proceeds to get very, very into the face of the cafeteria manager, the cook and anyone of authority as he consistently yells and whinges about how much he wants mac and cheese and how low are those who refuse to give it to him.

Things get bad before the chef steps in and wrestles the little bastard to the ground.

It's an emotional journey.

Here's the surprise twist that's not a surprise at all:

This is far from his first run-in with the law, Only in Amherst:

Arrested two weeks ago on Phillips Street for disorderly conduct (which included calling a detective the N-word), this time around Mr. Gatti seemed to go out of his way to get arrested yet again on that same notorious street, and when taken back to the police station, assaulted an officer.

With his father looking on, Luke Gatti was arraigned this morning before Judge John Payne who set bail at $250, taken out of the $1,000 bail posted over the weekend to get out of jail.

Noting the arrest only two weeks ago Judge Payne said to Gatti, "I'm a little concerned you're going to pull a trifecta before the month is over."

Welp, maybe this time they'll actually put him in jail for a while.

Here's hoping!