School of Fail


Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

That's All I Have to Do to Find a Baby Unicorn?

school drugs funny That's All I Have to Do to Find a Baby Unicorn?
Via SauceTheeBoss

Taught By Walter White?

breaking bad drugs meth walter white - 6231173888
By Allison
drugs humans science funny - 53325057


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drugs water science funny Video - 68197889

Are There Drugs in My Drinking Water?

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drugs rant parenting Video - 302599

One Mother's Comedic Rant About School Awareness Weeks is Spot On and Parents on Facebook are Loving it

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DARE Was Confusing

class drugs confusing simpsons - 7056026880
By Unknown
spiders drugs experiments science funny - 54949889

Spiders Aren't Always Sober

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It Was the Druggiest Show And Tell There Ever Was

drugs - 6095284224
Via ABC News

Of Course They Like You, You're Bribing Them With Drugs

drugs meth teachers - 6139822080
By pfffftttchhlolool
drugs brain science funny Video Mushrooms - 69379841

What Do Shrooms Do to Your Brain?

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How It's Made: Illegal Edition

the chemical makeup for coke
Via Tea Pots and Roses

Acoustic Levitation Is Weird

levitation drugs weird - 6958766336
Via The Science Llama

Welcome to College

drugs back to school weed funny college - 8295916544
Via Blatzo Creamer
drugs brain science - 65330433

Your Brain on MDMA

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You Can Be Anything You Want To Be

drugs goals - 5765324032
By Unknown
drugs science weed funny Video animals - 68891137

Why Weed Makes You Hungry and Are Animals Getting Larger?

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