School of Fail


That's a Sexy Cannon

drawing cannon physics funny no no tubes wtf - 7963139072
By lizsnape

Gotta Set An Example For The Little Ones

doodle drawing Flower prom senior worksheet - 5802465536
By Unknown
taylor swift drawing school Video - 71176449

49 Students Redrew Taylor Swift's Shake It Off Video

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Know Your Vertebral Column

anatomy drawing science funny - 7541095680
By Unknown

An Odd Grade to Get on Your Homework

harry potter means you did well
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Kids Draw the Darnedest Things

drawing kids funny g rated School of FAIL - 7845959424
By Unknown


drawing middle school ouch School of FAIL - 6108262400

One Dusty Einstein

drawing art science albert einstein - 7349227776
By Unknown


drawing kids school parenting whale - 8171980032
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You're Not Good a Following Directions, But You're Good at Science

awesome drawing heart science - 8256502528
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Sometimes You Just Have to Show How Prepared You Are

that's a great drawing of a goat.
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Do Not Want

doodle drawing worksheet - 5797954048
By Unknown

Someone Doesn't Like Math

Sad drawing math - 7497921792
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doodling drawing good to know skills Video win - 33180673

Good To Know: Doodle Like A Champ

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drawing hilarious notebook notes school Video - 74203905

Someone Give This Kid an Art Degree

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Measure ALL The Chemicals!

all the things doodle drawing meme teaching - 5770178048
By Unknown
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