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Like a Scientist

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By LyseljusLeps

Aliens Get to See All Sorts of Cool Stuff

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By Unknown
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What's the Biggest Dinosaur?

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I For One Welcome Our New Dinosaur Alien Overlords.

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Science Can Do Anything

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By Unknown

The Dinosaurs WERE Learning

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Via Shirt Woot

Gasoline Is Hell for Dinosaurs

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By Unknown

Our Fossil Fuel Problems are Over!

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By Unknown
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Dinosaurs Are Terrible Lizards

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Ever Want a Dinosaur as a Pet? Well Here's Your Guide!

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By Unknown

Scientist Are Recreating Dinosaur Nasal Passages

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Via Science Daily

The Thesaurus Was the Mightiest Beast of the Dinosaur Kingdom

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By Unknown

This Explains So Much

Aliens asteroid dinosaurs - 6575865600
By kohneyfan (Via Kohney)

Meet the Tyrannosaurs' Predator the Siats Meekerorum

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By Unknown

Lesson: T-Rexes Were Not Smart

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By Unknown

The Bradysaurus Apparently Was a Walking Tank

archeology dinosaurs funny science skeleton - 8031600896
By Unknown
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