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There Aren't a Lot of Options for English Grads

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The Worst Way to Receive Detention

get excited for detention
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2020 Memes And Tweets That Sum Up The Year Of The Garbage Fire

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depressing plants cancer science Video - 69917953

Can Plants Get Cancer?

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An Unpleasant Suprise

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Well. That's Depressing.

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This Is How Finals Week Feels

depressing finals hell funny exams g rated School of FAIL - 8396945152

College Memories Are the Best

college depressing funny memories - 8341987072
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Doesn't Anyone Like School?

depressing school google - 7111711232
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Really Sums Up Calculus

how to do math, cry
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depressing jobs students teachers funny - 60976129

Competing With Your Own Student for a Job

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Might As Well Stay in Academia

Don't get a liberal arts degree
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Well, That's Not Depressing

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No Fun Allowed

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Adults Try Public School Lunch

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Sorry Graduate Students

graduate school is a land of depression
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