School of Fail


The Sadness of Graduation

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guy lies about paying for college by himself and gets called out

Entitled Dude Gets Called Out After Falsely Claiming That He Paid His Own Way Through College

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The History of Debt

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What a Bright Future You Have

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This Probably Isn't Even a Joke

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You Don't Even Need Those Monthly Payment Reminders

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Noam Knows What's Up

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It's the Game that You Never Really Win!

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Well That Didn't Seem Worth It

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Goodbye, Soul

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Here's a Tip for All the College Kids

student loans can be avoided by death.
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Students, Get Ready to Be Depressed

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How Can I Be in More Crippling Student Debt Without My FAFSA Number?

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It's Amazing That These People Function in the Real World Someday

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