School of Fail


They Said Something is Wrong With My Brain

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Know Your Spiders

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This Puppy Sized Spider Hunts Birds in the Rainforest!

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A collection of the creepiest things that night time workers ever witnessed | Xanghanistan 2d Worked as office cleaner before covid, 11-7am as 1- man team. One stormy ass night on phone while working my connection started fade and out All sudden there is just deafeningly loud shriek coming out my phone and power goes out. Even emergency lights remember looking out window 10th and seeing whole industrial park black. Nights make everything creepy

Freakiest Stuff Night Time Workers Witnessed

Hard pass on the graveyard shifts.
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School Newspapers Are Creepy...

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A Terrible Welcoming Committee

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Yearbook Club: Only in Japan.

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Not How You Ask Girls to Prom

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Bargain Books: ABORT! ABORT!

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A Spider That Eats Fish

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Do You Like Spiders? Do You Like Robots?

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Whales Can Be Creepy

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What Do You Go to Creeper School?

Some people take creepy school IDs
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Having Eagle Eyes Is Creepy

The eyes of an eagle
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Uh... I Think I'll Use A Pen Instead

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