School of Fail


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This Kid Wants to Help Me With My Computer Troubles, But I Can't Understand a Word He's Saying

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Dimly Lit Dimwit

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A Computer Program Can Beat Anyone at Poker

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Computer Class Is Going Well

answer a to all the questions
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George Fox Makes Giant iMac Hamster Wheel

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Using Technology for an Age-Old Practice

school class funny Using Technology for an Age-Old Practice
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Checklist Complete!

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Tips For Buying Your College Laptop

gif flips screen mac breaks laptop at store
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That's Why I Sent My Phone to the Moon

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Of Magnets and Monitors

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The Brain Is a Big Computer

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Almost as Powerful as the Actual Old Apple Macintosh

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Behold the 60s

old computer science funny - 7593025536
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Font Wars

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Evil Things to Do in Computer Class

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Learning About Technology Is Key

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