School of Fail


Pretty Much the Same Thing

marriage bad idea phd comic - 7021619200
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The Greatest of Majors

major english comic funny g rated School of FAIL - 7534130176
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She Can't Help Who She Is

classroom comic Hall of Fame substitute teacher - 5737273856
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Just One More Time Please

explain comic dogs - 6874673408
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That's a Solid Question

Astronomy comic - 7106621696
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Everyone Wants the D

sun comic - 7074821888
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What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Kinder

teacher divorce comic - 6752038656
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He's So Irrational!

numbers irrational comic math - 7078370816
By hckondos (Via The Argyle Sweater)

We Will Rock You!

books comic science geology - 6647508736
By LOLdogexpert

A Slightly Better OS

god dinosaur comic science funny - 7531920640
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Poor, Poor Math

Sad comic psychology math - 7042300416
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There's A Time And A Place, Kyle

class comic Hall of Fame School of FAIL - 5868999424
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Telling the Disciplines Apart

physics comic science biology Chemistry funny - 7568671488
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Something Just Doesn't Add Up

cheating comic math parents - 7135555840
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Maury Is Getting Weird

fungus mother comic Father - 7140788992
Via The Unplugged Life

I Trick You Because I Love You

comic g rated school bus School of FAIL trick - 5702531584
By Unknown
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