School of Fail


Welcome to College

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Welcome to College Life

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Inside College Admission

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Students Teaching Students

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The University of Ontario Is a Silly Place

why is nick cage at the university of ontario?
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You Can't Spell Old Without College!

similar old people funny college - 7835954944
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beer test college - 72723201

Blind Test: Can You Recognize Your Favorite Crappy Beer?

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Must Be a Privileged College

college funny sign white rich g rated School of FAIL - 8240069888
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Taking Higher Education Higher

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Trashy College Students Who Probably Shouldn't Be There

20 Trashy College Students Who Probably Shouldn't Be There

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It's a College Textbook

booze college funny - 8306790144
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transforming college dorm rooms parodies

'Before And After Dorm Pics' Are Roasting Absurd College Dorm Room Transformations

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Spongebob Is Good for the College Soul

college graphs funny SpongeBob SquarePants - 7901046272
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Scumbag Brain Would Rather Cruise FailBlog

brain college dorm exam scumbag scumbag brain university - 5855191808
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Dorm Life Cooking

cooking dorm college - 8563733248
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FOUND HIM, He's Still at College

sports college - 6635351808
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