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That's a Weird Reason to Cancel Class

his poor son, be sure to go see his band!
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Does Liam Neeson Teach This Class?

you're going to be taken to class
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That's One Way To Pass Chemistry

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The Importance Of Studying Foreign Languages

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A Cheat Sheet for Not Cheating

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All Classics, All the TIme

paleontology classic science t shirts - 8180416000
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How to Make the Dean's List WIthout Going to Class

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That Excuse Might Leave a Bad Taste With Your Teacher

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Why Not Drink in Class

McDonalds and Bud Light, how classy
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We're Their Teachers, Not Their Nannies

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I'm Not So Sure it Does

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You Only Leave This Answer Once

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Study Hall, Not Terribly Effective

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The Modern Anatomy Lesson

anatomy old timey classic - 6648285184
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Your Note Game is Probably Better Than This

Your Note Game is Probably Better Than This
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