School of Fail


I See Straight Through Your Gaming Disguise

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By Unknown

"De-Batterying" Ceremony for the TI-84

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By NamingMeSaturday

Used it All Through College

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By Unknown

Just in Case

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Via D4RKS0UL23


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Via Goku_01

Calculators Really Help for the Difficult Math

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By Unknown

Now That Was Just Plain Mean

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By Unknown

Clever, Girl

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Via unknown

Shows What You Know, Mr. Anderson!

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By Unknown

Even the Calculator Doesn't Like to Do Math

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By Unknown

Hope You Remembered a Calculator

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Via Maths Pig

Typical Asian College Freshman

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By Unknown

2 Satanic 4 Me!

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By Unknown

This Kid Might Not Be Paying Attention

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By Unknown

Math Is Super Tough Get Him a Calculator

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Via Spaced Fan

Paranoid Over-Protection: 1

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By Featherpen
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