School of Fail


What is This "Book" You Speak Of?

bargain books book - 6792029440
By Unknown

Teddy Looks a bit Odd...

wtf book funny - 7318396672
By ChrisSmithIndy (Via Kingdom Now)

Detention for Reading a BOOK?!

detention school reading book School of FAIL - 7143858176
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

Unfortunate Typo

class typo book - 7383985408
By darron


history pun book funny - 7474564352
By Unknown

Reasons to Read Footnotes

book funny - 7938523392
By Unknown

Poor Charles

charles darwin evolution book funny - 7871201024
Via Better Book Titles

Me Too, Buddy

jobs book illegal - 6956179456
By Unknown

It's Not in the Lesson Plan!

teacher book test funny - 7456882176
By ethantheepic42

The Best Way to Learn About Science!

farts book science funny g rated School of FAIL - 7835166464
By Unknown

She Reads it All Day...

Movie teacher book 50 shades of grey - 6557963008
By Unknown

If Only This Were True

book simpsons burn - 7056027392
By Unknown

Relativity Is Rather Strange

cover book science albert einstein relativity - 7829618176
By Unknown

Ugh, Great

doctor who book funny school g rated - 7546310912
By Unknown

Textbooks Do It And Nobody Cares, iPads Do It And It's News

book ipad nostalgia - 5765322496
By Unknown

Amazing How Many Combinations You Can Make

literature letters english book - 7362197760
By Unknown
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