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Think Of It As An Economics Lesson

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Some Teachers Know How to Grade Papers

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The Science of Beer

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Why Does Beer Make You Pee?

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Chemists Analyze Beer From 170 Years Ago

old beer is rather similar to modern beer
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The Science of Beer Pranks

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Now You Can Take a Class to Learn How to Brew Beer

school beer science Now You Can Take a Class to Learn How to Brew Beer
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Breaking Bottles With Science

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Why Beer Gets Skunky

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Blind Test: Can You Recognize Your Favorite Crappy Beer?

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Who Needs to Study for Finals With a Shirt On?

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Why Not Drink in Class

McDonalds and Bud Light, how classy
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Welcome to Booze Town

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Womp Womp

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I'm Going To The University of Walgreens

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