School of Fail

back to school

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These Teachers Kicked Off a New School Year with Les Mis "One Day More"

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It's Tough Being Peter Parker

back to school Spider-Man summer vacation - 6570484736
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transforming college dorm rooms parodies

'Before And After Dorm Pics' Are Roasting Absurd College Dorm Room Transformations

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Going to Be a Happy School Year

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I'm Going To The University of Walgreens

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"I'm So Excited to Go Back to School," Said Nobody Ever

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Back to Obience School

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Summer School is In Session

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Welcome to College

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Teachers Don't Like it Either

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Don't EVEN Make Me Think About School Right Now

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An Honest Response

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What A Jerk

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Back to School: Teachers' Section


Hope It's for Cooking Class...

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Welcome Back to School!

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