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Spacewalks Are Rather Complicated

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How to Get a Message to Your Dad When He's in Space

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Hooray for Metaphors!

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Barely Used Spaceship Only 3 Billion Dollars

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Womp Womp

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Dammit That's Gonna Bother Me For the Rest of This Moonwalk

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Some of the Odd Things About Being an Astronaut

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1968 EX-1A Apollo Applications Project Spacesuit

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Scott Kelly Boards the ISS

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Today in Science: Mae Jemison

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Back After 166 Days in Space!

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More Space Selfies

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That's Pretty High Up!

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Gemini XII and Some Vintage Buzz Aldrin

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Owen K. Garriott Just Doing Some Repairs

Owen K. Garriott goes on a space walk to do some skylab repairs
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Dr. Mae Jemison Was a Rad Astronaut

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