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Buzz Aldrin Wants to Send Astronauts into Deep Space

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bill nye asteroid science funny g rated School of FAIL - 52812289

Stopping an Asteroid Headed for Earth

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Another Reason Why Professor Brian Cox is a Hero

asteroid Brian cox the moon - 6610034176
By bryonyvk (Via Brian Cox, Twitter)

One Big Impact on the Moon

Astronomy asteroid gifs moon science - 8083664384
By Unknown

She Is Just Genius

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By ansteve87

Know Your Space Debris

Know the difference between asteroids and meteors
Via Whenscienceislife

NASA Heads to the Asteroids!

nasa asteroid moon science Video - 8273914368

The Dawn Space Craaft Approaches the Asteroid Ceres

asteroid ceres as its seen by dawn spacecraft

When Asteroids Collide

asteroid collision science funny space - 7558401536
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An Asteroid from Space

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By Unknown

Don't Rubber-neck a Crashing Asteroid

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Know Your Space Rocks

rocks meteor asteroid comet space - 7081658624
Via Space Pics
scishow asteroid science Video space - 59844609

Capturing an Asteroid

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If an Asteroid the Size of London Hit Earth

Astronomy asteroid science meteor - 8031551232
By Unknown

A Hell of an Explosion

explosion asteroid life earth planet - 8235301888
Via Jerry Tucker

This Explains So Much

Aliens asteroid dinosaurs - 6575865600
By kohneyfan (Via Kohney)
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