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Minimalist Posters Celebrating Women in Science

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Nature Loves the Ladies

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Best Degree Ever

diploma art toilet paper bathroom g rated School of FAIL - 7058296320
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Plant Anatomy

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Leonardo Da Vinci Knew a Hell of a Lot About Anatomy

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Up, Up, and Away!

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How Hubble Telescope Pictures Are Made

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Stop Kidding Yourself

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art awesome cosmos science - 56440321

How to Create the Cosmos

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Math + Art = FRACTALS!!!!!!

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A School Project Inspired This Teen to Make an American Flag Honoring the Soldiers Who Fight For It

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One Dusty Einstein

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Smelliest You Mean

smell art bathroom funny - 7816263168
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Tesla in the '80s

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Funny Twitter thread about how medieval artists didnt know what animals looked like, had to guess or get creative | Daniel Holland @DannyDutch thread medieval paintings animals look nothing like real animals because artist had never seen them. Starting with Oyster | This elephant with tornado trunk. By Jacob van Maerlant Der Naturen Bloeme

Twitter Thread: Medieval Artists Had No Idea What Animals Looked Like

Here's to creative guesswork.
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Math and Snowshoes Can Make Some Amazing Snowy Art

art snow awesome math - 8396983808
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