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And How Amazing He Is

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Next Solar Eclipse Is in 2017

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Thousands of Blue Velella Velella Wash Ashore in Monterey Bay

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An Epic Circle Story

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What the Hell America?

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Kickstarter of the Day: The Back to the Future Hoverboard is Now a Reality

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What If I Have to Wait a Million Years to Pee?

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This Island Is Less Than a Month Old

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So Fox News Says I Don't Need to Learn Algebra? AWESOME!

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Creation is a Beautiful Thing

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Behold the New Steam Generator!

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On the Moon of Titan Usain Bolt Could Fly Through the Air!

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That Does Look Amazing

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New Footage From the Baumgartner Jump

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Funny loophole story of dry ice robotics competition | is funniest loophole have ever seen? Kevin Yue, studied at Massachusetts Institute Technology school, they held robotics competition pretty simple, conceptually had make firefighting robot would have navigate maze, find candle and put out (fully automated, no remote control can't remember exact size but think robot had be smaller than 1 foot length, width, and height. Scoring as follows start with time long takes search every room and put

Dry Ice Loophole Makes Mockery of Robotics Competition

It's not a robot, but it technically meets the criteria.
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Students who broke rules in impressive ways teacher stories | mgraunk 3.1k points 3 hours ago My coworker and discovered one our students running an underground crime syndicate selling individual Icebreaker mints 50 cents pop agreed not punish him or inform administration, but did confront him privately and told him he needed stop before got him trouble. He had about half dozen employees and selling at every grade level by time put an end Kid C student at best, but he's definitely going places.

Teachers' "That's Amazing But Please Stop" Stories

"Great job, but don't."
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