Tumblr Thread: Girls Discover Unequaled Joy At Pumpkin Patch

The moral of this story is clearly for us all to hold onto that one thing in life that provides us unparalleled joy. It could be something as silly as pumpkin spice everything from the local pumpkin farm, or those red cup holiday beverages from Starbucks. Point is, life's just a little bit more joyful when we're able to retain a bit of our childlike wonder. 

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Girls come across unparalleled joy when they're navigating a pumpkin patch | libraford While out on my adventures other day stopped at farmers market get some their exceptional peach cider and group four college age girls all got out an SUV, dressed somewhat identically (white face mask, gray or white top, dark bottoms, uggs) and headed up barn. One them shouted 'PUMPKIN' and pointed one 90lb pumpkins they had out front and all them ran see up close, taking turns with their phones get selfie
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