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The Saddest of Subjects

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Tumblr thread on dungeons and dragons campaign | thouartathaumaturgeharry O battlecrazed-axe-mage forgamers They should make co- op game where and buddy go through many levels, leveling up and beating bosses But final boss is each other were my brother Player 2 | crunchthedeerstroyer one time did campaign DND where entire party woke up trash heap, memories wiped man shining white armor approached them. He helped them up, healed them, and helped them escape essentially dump and find their way

Tumblr Thread: Inspired DND Campaign Is a Feels Trip

Critical hit in the feelings.
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Science Is Just the Worst

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I'd Bet This Kid Has an Older Brother or Sister

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askreddit, different names, giving new names to things, calling sunburns radiation burns

25 Things People Would Treat Differently If They Had Better Names

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Dorm Life: Sometimes You're Locked Out

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funny misspellings, calling go karts goat karts, skim milk confused with skin milk

25 Abysmal Spellers That Won't Be Writing a Novel Anytime Soon

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PIck One

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A Sad Song About Graduation

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Very Demotivational: Really Builds Self-Esteem

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Just Wave to Your Life Passing By

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You Might Think Crying is Irrelevant to Statistics

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The Bitter Reality of Grad School

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No Space for You Here, Hawking!

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Feel the Sadness

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Someone Doesn't Like Math

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