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funny fail idaho teacher shoots himself in the foot first week

Can't Turn It Off

FAIL swag worksheet - 5850071552
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Isn't Taj Mahal From Harlem?

FAIL geography quiz texting - 5770179328
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College: Land of Logical Reasoning

driving FAIL school sign text - 8140723712
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the simpsons iconic moment bart fails a test

Bart Simpson Fails His Test

Painfully relatable.
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Even in Math, It's Still Important to Proofread

FAIL math school g rated School of FAIL - 8171628288
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A funny story about about Ultima Online | officialgarrusvakarian greyyourwarden shock if fallout 76 really is world where "every character is real person there's no NPCS im making my civic duty be like this lowly tavern barkeep and then once established enough rapport going nuke all west virginia and will be character

Ultima Online Player Takes Epic Revenge

Well done, sir.
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Know Teacher Body Language

FAIL funny test teacher g rated School of FAIL - 8330294784
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A Crime Against Science

essay facebook FAIL Hall of Fame paper research - 5710313216
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University of North Texas Might Need to Retake Their Own a Design Class

funny fail image University of North Texas C-U-N-T mug
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school sports FAIL teacher basketball Video - 80588033

Watch as a Crossover Ends This Friendly Student-Faculty Basketball Game and One Teacher's Knee

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TIFU thread about kid who asked parents about divorced and found out it was his fault

Kid Asks Mom Too Many Questions About Her Divorce, Learns They Played Instrumental Role In Separation

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Gnarly red flags that students noticed in their classes.

Red Flags Students Noticed With Terrible Classes

Sometimes you've got to peace out.
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Always Be on the Lookout for Tywin

error FAIL Game of Thrones teacher - 6893937152
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When a Teacher Wants To Give Your Paper the D

funny fail images teacher grades paper by drawing a penis on it
sex-ed class cringe questions

People Share the Most Cringe-Worthy and Hilarious Questions That Were Asked During Their Sex-Ed Classes

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