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How Not To Make Friends in the First Week of School: Dare a Dozen Students to Eat a Carolina Reaper Pepper

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Manager lays off a third of the team, expects remaining people to work harder, and it backfires | r/ProRevenge Join u/gaarmstrong318 1d 3 O1 S 1 2 Lay off third team and expect us work harder will see about So this happened sometime 2010's somewhere UK s all revealing worked medium sized PLC small team worked with sales department getting quotes had previously worked another team different department same company as well. This also includes elements malicious compliance l'll post this there as

Manager Fires Third Of Team, Expects Them To Work Harder, It Backfires

Manager had no idea what they were doing.
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This is Why Understanding Math is Important

classic fail image predatory loan advert shows 116% interest
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Your Note Game is Probably Better Than This

Your Note Game is Probably Better Than This
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Doesn't Matter What Happened, It's Over

bad FAIL booze test g rated School of FAIL - 7041105920
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Questions Like This Will Not Be Tolerated

school FAIL - 8577649920
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Being a High School Referee Means Never Apologizing (Even After You Closeline a Kid)

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Facebook FAILs From the Morons of the Internet

20 Facebook FAILs From the Morons of the Internet

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You Failed "How To College"

comic computer FAIL graduation university - 5743023104
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Karen and Karen Jr. try to cheat the system, and get outed by Karen Jr.'s classmate | r/ProRevenge Join u/flannel_enthusiast5 6h Entitled Teacher's Kid Gets Absolutely Wrecked Hey! This is my first time posting this subreddit, but posted O r/RegularRevenge and many folks told drop here as well typically don't post anything, but felt this story too good not share also emboldened after watching some RSlash content on YouTube hope enjoy as much as did. This might take while as well. This is tale en

Karen And Karen Jr. Try To Cheat School System, Get Outed

Not this time, Karens.
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sports FAIL dumb football college - 139270

Win or Lose This Enthusaistically-Dumb College Football Fan Will Be Shattered

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College: Land of Logical Reasoning

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Breaking News: It Doesn't Really Work

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Welcome to the Real World

funny fail image mailman delivers diploma
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But You Can Fail More Than That.

yolo FAIL test g rated School of FAIL - 6897831424
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Don't Think Twice That a Sibling Wouldn't Snitch in Their Homework

Don't Think Twice That a Sibling Wouldn't Snitch in Their Homework
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