Poorly Dressed


The Newspaper Fairy

costume fairy newspaper weird - 4414864896
By christina1996

Make a "Peel" Pun One More Time, I Dare You

banana costume gun weird what - 6325381632
By Unknown


model outfit weird - 4105106176
By Unknown

Sleep? No, Not Anymore. I'll Be Awake Forever.

mask weird what - 6218273024
By Unknown

Polyester Disaster

glasses polyester weird - 4118976000
By Unknown

You Have Some Hair On Your Dress

dress fashion hair runway weird wtf - 4597351424
By Unknown

The Half-Beard Strikes Again!

beard facial hair mugshot weird - 6391804160
By Unknown

How Long Did It Take You To Get Dressed?

asian fashion Jewelry pink Pokémon stuffed animals weird wtf yellow - 4497494528
By Savannah (Via uruharafc.deviantart.com)

They're On Sale!

jeans leggings pants weird wtf - 4512545536
By Unknown

Beefcake is So Kind to Those Less Fortunate

beefcake crossdressing ripped weird what - 6469864704
By Unknown
cringeworthy vintage ads empowering women or lack thereof

27 Vintage Ads You Wouldn't Believe Were Actually Real

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Can't grow Leg Hair? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

boot Challenge Accepted hair weird wtf - 4601828608
By christellar (Via www.etsy.com)

No No, It Goes on Your Head

dress hair weave weird wig - 6417926400
Via No Way Girl

Dad's Such A Goofball

asian dad parenting weird - 4411654400
By christellar

The Rat Queen

cat high heels red weird - 4597353472
By Unknown

Little Bo Creep

cross dresser dress Photo weird wig wtf - 4470423296
By Unknown
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