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Someone Should Inform Them

bra poorly dressed web comics - 8270205440
Via Sarah's Scribbles

Dress For Alternate Success

fashion work web comics - 7984646400
Via extrafabulous comics

Fashion Police

fashion web comics police - 7897709312
Via michael firman

Let This Be a Lesson To Anyone With 'Swag'

fashion swag police web comics - 7822923520
Via Cyanide & Happiness

The Best Accessory

poorly dressed swag web comics - 8349849600
Via Twisted Doodles

This Explains Everything!

shoes poorly dressed sneakers web comics - 8316628224
Via Fowl Language

That's Probably Why They Were On Sale

fashion t shirts funny web comics - 7821289472
By UrbanDrawer (Via The Gentleman's Armchair)

Et Tu, Bra-te?

bra poorly dressed web comics - 8312843776
Via wicked reasoning

So That's Why Ties Were Invented

ties web comics - 8265148160
Via The Doghouse Diaries

What You Wear Sends a Message

fashion hunger games web comics poorly dressed - 7924166400
Via Ginger Haze

Some Winter Fashions Can Be a Hoot

funny animals comics winter fashion owls
Via weirdshorts

I Believe

beards funny web comics dads poorly dressed g rated - 7828906752
By meganeguard (Via Poorly Drawn Lines)

The Burning Discomfort of a Lesson Learned

contacts Rage Comics web comics poorly dressed g rated - 7819408384
Via shoeboxblog

Are You Ready For The Future of Fashion?

fashion web comics - 7886043136
Via Pie Comic

Give Thanks For Sweatpants!

poorly dressed thanksgiving pants web comics - 8386811904
Via Liz Climo

Guess It'll Just Stay Dirty

laundry poorly dressed instructions web comics - 8375199744
Via Doghouse Diaries
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