Poorly Dressed


That's Usually How I Determine Which Undies to Wear

retro sexy times underwear vintage - 6461913600
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Whitesnake Is Even Older Than You Remember

hair old vintage - 5195668992
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TBT: Deep Sea Diver Edition

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A Sweater in the Key of (Bad) Life (Decisions)

retro sweater vintage - 6321463040
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One Etsy Entrepreneur Makes Shorts Out of Vintage Blankets

crochet shorts poorly dressed etsy vintage - 8436007424
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The Best Rappers Alive

Ad rappers retro vintage - 4883713280
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kids vintage - 3347437824
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This Fashion is Giving Me Double Vision

80s retro twins vintage - 6417085440
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The Three Amigos

70s poorly dressed retro vintage - 5945114368
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How To Dress Like Vintage Nancy Drew

fashion infographic vintage - 7824817920
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Now That's a Vintage Jacket

jacket poorly dressed vintage g rated - 8293034496
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They Say It's "Bowie-esque"

classic pattern retro suit vintage what - 6492357888
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Vintage Spread in Seventeen Magazine

patterns funny vintage poorly dressed g rated - 7603940096
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facial hair vintage - 3440130816
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Ah, the Good Old Days

smoking hat vintage newspaper - 6881429504
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Going For That "Vintage Pepsi Can" Look

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