Poorly Dressed

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Burka FAIL

burka dating mask Mortal Kombat video games - 5782968320
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These Mega Man Sneakers Totally Rock, Man

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The Real Ninten-bro

90s nerd nerdgasm nintendo Super Mario bros video games - 6335785472
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It's Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This... [Condom]

video games zelda underwear poorly dressed g rated - 7039577856
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If You Like it Then You Shoulda Put a Game Cartridge on It

rings video games win - 7400794112
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Don't Look Away

bra ghosts video games poorly dressed Super Mario bros - 8343653120
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He's Keeping an Eye Out for Banana Peels

video games classic funny - 7401670656
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It's My Time to Shine!

hats video games poorly dressed g rated - 8024874240
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Sorry, But Our Princess is in Another Costume

costume video games mario - 7387771136
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Sidekick No More! This is Pete the Plumber's Year

costume halloween video games ghoulish geeks Spooky FAILs and HalloWINs g rated poorly dressed - 7845058048
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Dressed to WIN: Ms. Pac Man Steps Out

dress pac man pacman video games win - 5778357760
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Does it Look Like Mii?

makeup video games poorly dressed - 8334937856
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That's Not How You Wear One of Those

bra video games poorly dressed - 8123020800
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This Shirt Gives You the Power to Smash Any Questionable Block Around

fashion video games Super Mario bros - 7864865792
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That's His Going-to-GameStop Outfit

costume video games poorly dressed - 8332982784
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Shouldn't He Be Riding Yoshi?

mario motorcycle video games - 5783505408
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