Poorly Dressed


Rainbow Kitty Power

cat rainbow tutu - 5149524992
By BillyJoeArnold

Princess Jager is Down on Her Luck

alcohol ballerina g rated poorly dressed princess tutu - 6488798208
By Unknown

He'll Bring You to Heel

cross dressing military skirt tutu - 5111614464

Princess Epilepsy

colors dress face paint neon tutu - 5268916992
By LdM

Little Pink Pinkie Hood

coat fur pink tutu - 4366805504
By cyanidemartini

I'm a Beautiful Unicorn!

my little pony pony tutu unicorn - 6461710080
By donkitat

So Graceful

tutu poorly dressed snow - 8037765120
By Unknown

A Nuclear Roswell Family

alien pink tutu wig - 4963295744
By maxystone (Via cheezburger.com)

Darth Vader's Daughter We Never Knew About

darth vader tutu - 5403714560
By Cyberkedi

You're Out. No Questions. You're Out.

ballerina baseball fashion sports tutu - 6283667200
By Unknown


football prom tutu - 4061220096
By Chooser

Real Men Wear Pink

dress Music pasties punk shirt tutu - 6516803584
By Unknown

Woah?! What's With the Bump in the Tutu?

boobs cross dresser scene shirt skinny jeans tutu wtf - 4344678144
By Unknown

King of the Savannah

ballerina giraffes mask tutu - 6261840384
By Unknown

Are You Sure You Wouldn't Be More Comfortable on a Trike?

bicycle bike cross dressing tutu - 5082173952
By Unknown

Transformers 4: Lil' Optimus Prime, Jr.

parenting pregnant transformers tutu - 5080676864
By Unknown
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