Poorly Dressed


Oh Marc, We Need to Talk

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Not Boat Shoes, Shoes that Look Like Boats. Difference.

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Get the Ke$ha Look!

very funny Yahoo Answers thread in which someone asks how to get that Kesha's style and someone answers, 'the dumpster', implying she is total trash.
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The Man-Diaper Never Goes Out of Style

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Style in the Front, WTF In the Back

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You Will Never Truly Understand Style!

hipster style - 6345688576
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It's Hard to Bro Out Properly

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Your Sense of Style Misses You.

style - 7654435072
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The Pinstripe Hoodie: Demonstrating Power, But Also Laziness

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Just a Little Something For a Quiet Night on the Town

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You Have a Point Dad, I Apologize

cap dad facebook failbook style - 6345415936
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This Little Piggy Went to Fifth Avenue

miss piggy style body types - 6687304192
By Unknown

Louis, What Are You Endorsing, Exactly?

fashion Louis Vuitton sandals socks style tacky - 6325378816
By Unknown

Trick Question

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By Unknown

Mom Always Told My My Fashion Sense Socks

fashion socks style funny - 8004586752
By Unknown
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